Arriving in Rome

Rome’s main airport is Fiumicino, a 45 minute drive from Rome’s city center.  If your hotel is very close to Termini, the Leonardo Express Train is a good option (€14€, 30-minute journey). 

For hotels in all other areas it is best to take a car.  While Rome city cabs have a 48 euro fixed rate from Fiumicino to Rome’s city center, there are a lot of private, similar-looking taxis at the airport that can and will charge much more.  As you exit the airport turn right and walk to the end, there should be a taxi stand with a line of Rome City taxis (ones with SPQR on the outside and a meter on the inside).  Go to the front, tell the driver your address (or show it on your phone) and ask for the rate ("quanto costa al centro della città?" or simply "quanto costa?" - how much? - will work.).  If they say anything other than 48 (quarantotto), approach another driver. 

If you are staying at the Hotel Valadier, they offer a private driver for 55 euros, which is a pretty good deal.

If you are not staying at Hotel Valadier and would like a private driver, text Giancarlo, a private driver, on WhatsApp beforehand. 

Giancarlo +39 347 139 4843


The day of the ceremony

Transportation to and from hotels around the Piazza Del Popolo to the Istituto Degli Studi Romani will be provided. 

The Institute is located on Aventine Hill, which is a 10 minute uphill walk from Via Del Circo Massimo.  The closest bus stop is Greca at the base of the hill and the closest metro location is Circo Massimo, four stops on the blue line from Termini.  


By Train

Rome is well connected to other locations in Italy by train.  From Rome you can reach Florence or Naples in a little over an hour and Venice and Milan in a little over three.  Most trains leave hourly and provide both express and local options, so there’s little need to book very far in advance.  We suggest purchasing your tickets at Termini on your arrival to Rome for peace of mind, but we have never been denied a ticket arriving only an hour or so before our desired departure.


By Plane

One of the advantages of Europe is the cheap and readily available flights connecting all of its major cities.  It may not make sense to tie your dream trip to Germany with our wedding in Italy, but for less than a hundred dollars and an hour and a half flight it’s incredibly possible. 

John and I fly EasyJet for almost all of our flights in Europe.  They’re an economy airline (with some strict baggage rules) but they’re safe, clean and reliable, providing very similar service to major airline’s (like British Airways) short-haul flights.


I am happy to provide anyone with information about how to easily travel within Europe or Italy.